Portfolio Snapshot: The Nail Recording Studio, 1994-2012

The Nail has been my commercial recording studio for almost two decades. I have specialized in vocal and world music but have recorded rap, funk, bluegrass, classical, voiceovers, books on disk and many other fun and exciting projects.


I recorded music from bluegrass to a cappella to avant garde at The Nail.

Building and maintaining a reputation is everything for a studio, especially a small one in a small market. As a performer and a studio engineer I ensured that all my products were carefully crafted so as they made their way around the web they made my clients, and me, proud.

Nail Recording Studio- Fafi Three Percent Nail Recording Studio - Key Ingredients of African Soul Nail Recording Studio - Rosangela Silvestre The Nail Recording Studio - Batucaxe Afro-Brazilian Drum and Dance

Word of mouth and reputation brought in international recording projects as well as local projects.

I spent a great deal of effort optimizing my site content and search terms to catch as many potential clients as possible. But in the end it was word of mouth and testimonials from previous clients that brought me virtually all of my business. I have had the pleasure to work with amazing artists from Brazil and Africa, as well as recording many dozens of local, Native American and Mexican American musicians.

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