Mike Zecchino List of Services


Sales and Marketing

  • Develop complete marketing strategies for budgets from $1000 to $1000000
  • Digital Marketing through web presence, social media, PR outlets, etc.
  • Well-crafted articles that distill complex technical concepts for a larger audience
  • Product photography
  • Video and multimedia presentations
  • Professional audio


  • Online advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Trade show coordination
  • Workshop coordination
  • Webinars

Online Presence

  • Web site development (WordPress and HTML/CSS)
  • Organic search optimization
  • Paid keyword advertising
  • Social media development
  • Analysis through various analytics packages

User Documentation

  • User guides from 1-page pictograms to 300-page manuals
  • Instructional videos
  • Interactive training materials

Technical Articles

  • Over 50 articles placed in major trade publications
  • Technical editing for referreed journal articles and poster sessions
  • Active blog and social media presences based on real content

Product Development

  • Industrial design
  • Product usability
  • Software and Hardware Testing


  • Personnel management
  • Budgetary responsibility
  • Plan implementation

"And More"

  • Graphic design
  • Branding and logos
  • Facility design
  • Industrial design

I Help Small Companies...

...look like big companies, with a professional web presence and a body of materials that highlights their expertise. I amplify a small amount of input from engineers and management into a large output of technical and promotional materials.

I Help Large Companies...

...bring together many stakeholders to craft a cohesive message. I then implement a clear plan to promote that strategy, with the management skills to keep a team focused, on budget and on message.

I Help Non-Profits...

...organize their message and goals and promote their mission. I get a large promotional impact from very small budgets to build communities and reach larger audiences.