About Mike Zecchino

About Mike Zecchino (zeh-KEE-no)

For 25 years I have been developing concise communications for businesses and non-profits. I draw on a diverse background including industrial engineering and creative writing to find effective ways to explain, promote and excite.

I have worked with technical companies for most of my career, both as a consultant and as an employee. I learn complex technologies quickly, and I have a knack for translating that information for audiences from novices to PhDs. I wear many hats to help my clients in unexpected ways. On a given day I may be developing a lead nurturing campaign, generating data for a technical article, scripting a video and shooting product photography.

I thrive in situations in which I can bring many skills to bear to help my clients succeed. I am equally comfortable working in a database or in a vocal booth.

You may not know that I...

  • Hold a B.S. in Industrial Engineering (Penn State) and a B.A. in English (University of Louisville)
  • Sang a cappella, played funk and soul, and was assistant director of a 50-piece Afro-Brazilian drum and dance ensemble (learn more here).
  • Owned and operated The Nail Recording Studio from 1997-2015, producing over 30 CDs.
  • Renovated four older homes from the pipes (and sometimes the dirt) up
  • Helped re-design a biological scanning system that was later chosen to appear in the movie Avatar.