Portfolio Snapshot: LabSmith, Inc., 1996-2012

LabSmith is one of several startup companies that enlisted me to help spread the word about their unique, ground-breaking laboratory products. 18 years later the company, which began as just two people in a garage, is still going strong, with a worldwide presence and a reputation for breakthrough products.

One of the great draws -- and great challenges -- of LabSmith is that their products embody bold, novel approaches to laboratory problems. As such they defy traditional characterization and expectations. Our mission was to catch our potential customers's attention and quickly convey how these "building block" products could vastly improve their work flow.

LabSmith LabPackage  LabSmith LabPackage Brochure  LabSmith LabPackage Closeup Photo

Consistent, professional marketing communications conveyed reliability, expertise and attention to detail.

Our first goal was to make sure LabSmith appeared as a formidable company with reliable support and expertise. We build a cohesive look for all of LabSmtih's marketing materials and developed concise brand messaging. We used a series of application notes and case study articles to emphasize product capabilities. We promoted the expertise of the founding company members and made sure that everything from the phone message to trade show graphics and product labelling was consistent and professional.

LabSmith Ballistics Application Article  LabSmith On-Chip Gradient Elution Application Article  LabSmith Pinched Injection Application Note

Technical articles and case studies helped explain LabSmith's market-changing products.

The web site was a mainstay of our promotions, and it morphed several times to keep step with standards and expectations on the web. I worked extensively to optimize the web site content to find and attract readers looking for similar, standard lab products. Once they reached the site I provided ample, technical support information to help them easily understand these innovative instruments.

Working with a start-up budget we chose several highly focused conferences and trade shows to attend each year and used these events to make a big splash.

LabSmith trade show graphics

LabSmith built a large market share in their niche applications by attending highly targeted trade conferences.