The Nail Recording Studio

The Nail has made digital recordings in Tucson, Arizona for 2 decades, with cool gear, calm heads, and plenty of room for experimentation. It's cozy, relaxed, inexpensive, and fun. It is a place to belt or wail or sputter or croon, whatever it is you do. We make your mellow melloooow and your funky fuuuuuuuunky.

Here is a sampling of some of the fantastic musicians whom I've been lucky enough to record at The Nail:

CatCall - Incredible a cappella from the University of Arizona, with award-winning arrangements, harmonies and vocal percussion.
Nine Lives CD sampler

Batucaxé - Inspired by the music of Brazil, with the spices of Tucson and our own musical heritage mixed in. The result is a dancing-in-the-streets celebration.
Expresso 2222 | M'People | Guinea Samba | Parapoderembolar | Let It Out Let It In |

Rosangela Silvestre - Songs and poems inspired by the traditional rhythms, archetypes, and mythology of the Orixa. The expression of harmony and positivity, transformation to freedom, balance, peace and infinite love.
Oya | Caboclo Ossanhe | Baba Iya | Ciclo Trilogico | Shine of the Water |

KIAS - Afro-pop, African Folk, Reggae and Caribbean Soca featuring vocalists/dancers from Cote d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe and the USA.
Zimbabwe | Abidjan to Bulawayo | Kele Magni | Allemba

Outlaw Rebels - A rockabilly sound with many flavors to savor, namely classic western swing, surf, jazz, punk, and country.
Talk a While | The Chase | Be Mine | She's Left She's Gone Away |

Catacoustic Groove - Sweet a cappella harmonies of R&B and soul.
Signed, Sealed, Delivered | Grazing in the Grass | Crazy Love | Haven't Found a Way

Scoot! - Stylish soul, funky beats, quirky rock and samba soul.
Doubts Like Breathing | Next to That | Putting You On

Fafi 3 Percent - A Scholar and a rapper, Zimbabwean born Fafi spun some tasty grooves for the CD Afrolicius.
Dananai | Are You Ready | Ndinomuda Sei | Usandimirira Pagedhi

Kim Hood - Folk sensibilities spun into a sweet variety from heartfelt ballads to funk and rock.
Silver Dagger | Blacksmith | Candy Flavored Coffee | Thunder in the Canyon

Schmicnic - It just wouldn't be Christmas without Schmicnic's Tom Waits inspired "Eyesore Mommy" and other holiday...gems.
O Holy Night | Eyesore Mommy | Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Dean Maier - Starkly elegant, impressionistic songwriting
Black Irises | Next to Nothing | Hellenic Dreams

Andrew Collberg - Alt goodness mastered at The Nail
Dream Tonight | Away From All Time |Eyes of Mine | Stay Up Through the Night

Jude Nicholson - Rich singing and songwriting from Tucson, AZ
Better Late than Never | Beltaine | Never Gonna Smoke | Turn Around

The Tryst - Ethereal vocals and jazz-funk sensibilities
Deeper | It's True | Fortunate Fates

Walter Hoyer - Accordion with grace and precision, in styles ranging from Bach to Strauss waltzes to Argentine tango
Nonino | Sous Le Ciel | Cumparcita

Vocal Ease - Blended harmonies, vocal percussion, funk, style and attitude from the University of Arizona's amazing female a cappella vocal ensemble.
Ain't Nobody | I Can See Clearly | When I Fall in Love | Always

Jason Brock - Heartful songwriting from Tucson
Cornbread | Cornbread Acoustic | Here I Am

Somewhat Sketchy - fun friggin punk in Tucson
Golly | Mr. R