Who is Mike Zecchino?

Mike is a musician and writer. He grew up in Rochester, New York with music teacher parents, and their patience has been tried ever since—from the high school tyranny of Water Torture to the mighty Brazilian drum and dance troupe Batucaxé. After many wonderful years in Tucson, Arizona, and later Philadelphia, Mike is once again back in Rochester, land of amazing sunsets, Schaller's burgers and Abbott's frozen custard.

Mike Zecchino is a musician and writer in Tucson, Arizona.

Mike has operated The Nail Recording Studio in Tucson for 20 years, having many exceptionally fun days and nights making all sorts of ruckus. All sorts...the beauty of Rosangela Silvestre's Voices of Nature, the crazy snowboard punk of Somewhat Sketchy, classical accordion, books on DVD, funk, rock, emo, scream-o...so much music.

Mike's solo career has included a rare first CD, My My, a curious, bawdy mash with enduring rarities. For you Tucsonans you'll recognize Mike as the "Better Than a Bank" voice on TFCU commercials and assorted other ads and jingles.

He has also had the pleasure of playing with most excellent musicians who have remained lifelong friends. In Tucson he sang streetcorner a cappella with Catacoustic Groove for over 15 years, released a CD of sweet funk and soul with Scoot! (later De Nada) and spent 7 glorious years as a member and assistant director of Batucaxé, a 50-member Afro-Brazilian drum and dance community.

And his latest CD, Life in the Funnel, ain't like any of those!


Visit mikezecchino.com to learn about the technical/marketing communication side of me.