A Gallery of Friends in Funnels

"Elizabethan Collar," "The Cone of Shame," call it what you will. But "the funnel" seems most accurate to me.

Life in the Funnel

A dog in a cone...Poor little guy, you say, empathizing, and giggling.

And a cat in a cone...even better! Even worse, I mean. Of course.

Cat in a Cone

This is Pudge, who liveds at Bohemia Artisans Emporium, where I held my CD release party. Pudge coincidentally had an eye infection and was funnel-bound just in time for the release. We did not do this to him on purpose! It was merely fate being funny.


Here are some other pics that folksl have kindly contributed to the Funnel gallery:

A  body-ectomy, apparently.


 At least there's music in the funnel





Schmooze in the Funnel


If you have a photo of a funnelated friend please email it to me and I'll post it here.

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